Organic Bioelectronics Used To Build A Fully Functional Artificial Neuron

A  group  of  scientist  from Sweden’s  Karolinska  Institutet  have  just  managed  to  create  a  functional  neuron  with  the  use  of organic  bioelectronic. It was  in collaboration with  collegues  at the Linkoping University. 

The  professor of  cellular  microbiology, Agneta  Richter-Dahlfor says, “The artificial  neuron is  made  of conductive polymer  and  functions  like the  human  neuron”.  He  added  that “The  sensing  parts of  the  artificial neuron changes  the  chemical  signal  in  one  dish,  translates  it  to  electrical  signals and  then  released  in  the acetylcholine  in the  second  dish, whose  effects can  be  monitored in  living  human  cell”.    

The  device which  contains the  non- living  parts  though,  it’s  capable  of  mimicking  the  operation  of  the functioning  of  the normal  human  nerve  cells and  transmit  information to  and  fro like  human  neurons  does.

The  device  just  like  the  human  nervous  system  is  capable  of  receiving  chemical  signals which  it  can  then  relay  to  human cells. As the  neurons  are  isolated  from  each  other and  communicates  with  the  help  of chemical  signals  called  neurotransmitter. 

Chemical  signals  are  changed  to electrical  action  inside  the  neuron,  and  travels  along  the  axon up to  the  end  at  the  synapse. Here electrical  signals  are  then  converted  to  chemical  signal  and  by  diffusion relays  signals to  the  subsequent  nerve.

This  technique will  make  it  possible  to  stimulate  neurons  based  on specific  chemical  signals  that  are  received  from  a different  part  of  the  body. The  team  hope  to  provide  the  best  ever  treatment  to  all  the neurological  disorders,  this  innovation will  relay  on  traditional  electrical  stimulation. 
In  the  coming  time, this  will  also  assist  physicians  to  bypass  destroyed  nerve  cell  and  help  them  restore  the  natural  function. 




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